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How To Become A Teacher

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Create an Engaging Course

It's important to make sure you're engaging your students with a well-structured, practical, and rewarding course experience. The most successful instructors spend time planning their course before diving into filming to ensure their course will help students achieve clear goals.

Step 1: Choose your course topic.
Pick something you're experienced in and genuinely excited about. Udemy has a few useful tools to help you understand the demand and competition for your chosen topic.
Step 2: Define your target student and course goals.
Before you begin creating content for your course, it's important to determine who you are teaching and where you want to take your students by the end of your course. Check out these worksheets and questions to help guide your thinking.
Step 3: Decide how students will practice what you’re teaching.
Udemy students love being hands-on with their learning: they want to practice what they've learned through exercises, activities, case studies, and more! There are lots of different types of practice you can include, so you'll want to choose what’s best for your topic.
Step 4: Create your course outline.
Your course outline is the foundation for your course--this is where you decide how you will structure and visualize your content. We have an outline template that can help you get started!
Step 5: Script your course.
Once you know how your course will be structured, the next step is to prep for filming your lectures. Most instructors find that scripting each lecture (or writing bullet point notes) helps to reduce filming time and increases the smoothness of their delivery.


What are the components of a course?
A Udemy course can consist of a combination of videos, slides, text, quizzes, coding exercises, assignments, and practice tests. You can also add additional resources to your course, including: PDFs, links, audio files, etc. These components are structured into sections and lectures (sections are groups of lectures).
How long should my course be?
The only length requirement for a course is that it must be at least 30 minutes. Your course should be as long as it takes to fully teach your topic and allow your students to achieve the course goals. You can also take a look at other courses in your category to get a sense for the average course length of similar courses.
How much time does it take to create a course?
Course creation time varies greatly depending on the length of the course and an instructor's time commitment. Many of our instructors complete their courses in 30-45 days.
Do students want quizzes, assignments, and worksheets?
Yes! Udemy students love to practice and apply what they are learning. Practice activities can be anything that makes a student apply their learning, not just quizzes or worksheets. Udemy gives you the tools to create quizzes, practice tests, coding exercises, and assignments in your course.
Are there any course requirements? What are they?
Courses must contain at least 30 minutes of content, include at least 5 separate lectures, and videos must be HD quality. See here for a complete list of the minimum course requirements.
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